Mitigate risk, improve compliance and save thousands of dollars in potential legal fees and insurance recovery audits...

with correlating and thorough documentation. Built-in regulatory compliance check send notifications ensure that your documentation is compliant with Federal and State regulations. As regulations change, our software is updated to keep you in compliance and worry free.
All forms are compliant with State and Medicaid Regulations and Professional Documentation Practices for Health Information Management by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

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The stress is taken out of software management by removing costly and tedious projects such as software updates...

server maintenance, data security and daily backups. Our cloud-based software applications are fully managed by us and when updates and maintenance are needed, we take care of it.
Your software is never out of date and never requires purchasing upgrades.

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Eliminate data input redundancies with automated workflow and instant access to health information right at the point of care (POC).

Ascertain correlating attendance, ADLS, vital signs and other documentation to help reduce reimbursement recovery.

Stay compliant with state regulations and enable a smooth survey/inspection process with proactive care management...

and accurate tracking of health records and care plans.

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Improve cash flow and financial satisfaction with customized billing based on owner preferences, state requirements and any additional factors.

Improves the efficiency and accuracy of your eligibility verification and claims billing...

processes so you quickly get paid the correct amount for the services you provide, the first time and every time.

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With access to information from anywhere on any device at any time...

clinical documentation can be viewed and completed so you have total confidence that it’s up-to-date and accurate.

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